Monster Hunter World Will Feature Horizon Zero Dawn Crossover

Monster Hunter World has something in store for owners of Horizon Zero Dawn. If you get the game on Playstation 4, you’ll have the chance to get a crossover armor set based on one of Aloy’s outfits. It won’t be a handout, though – you’ll need to complete some quests and activities in both games in order to get it.

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monster hunter world horizon zero dawn crossover
Monster Hunter World Will Feature Horizon Zero Dawn Crossover

The armor set won’t just change your costume – it will also change your “facial likeness” to match Aloy’s. You will literally be Aloy’s clone in Monster Hunter World. It’ll come with a unique bow, and an armor for your Palico, which will make the critter look like a machine from Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s a nice gesture, although it’s arguable how well the two worlds fit together.

In order to get the stuff, you’ll have to complete the “collaboration event quest” in Horizon, which will be added to the game via an update at some point before the new Monster Hunter launches. This will allow you to get special materials in MHW, which you can bring to the smithy in order to craft the equipment.

The game’s site mentions a few more details about the set – for instance, you won’t be able to swap parts – you either wear the entire set or not. However, the set won’t just be cosmetic – it will have it’s own stats and skills, and you’ll be able to upgrade it at the smithy. Most importantly, it will turn you into Alloy, at least on the outside, even if you’re playing as a male character.

Monster Hunter World is going to be released on Playstation 4 and Xbox One on January 26th. It will be ported to PC at a later date, but we’ll probably have to wait a fair bit. The PS4 version is going to have a beta in early December, available to all PS Plus subscribers.

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