Monster Hunter World Camp Locations - Fast Travel Points

Camp locations are fast travel points in Monster Hunter World. They’re scattered across all the maps, and they’ll be your entry points whenever you embark on a quest. The more you unlock, the easier it will become to traverse the world. That’s why we want to help you by writting a guide with Monster Hunter World camp locations.

monster hunter world camp locations fast travel points
Monster Hunter World Camp Locations – Fast Travel Points

Some camps will be unlocked automatically when you reach the area for the first time, or finish an assigned quest. Others have to be unlocked via a special delivery, called Setting Up Camp. You can start them by talking to the provisions manager at the resource center.

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Note: This guide is a work in progress. We will update it as we progress through the game. Please don’t be personally offended by the lack of information.

Ancient Forest Camp Locations

There are four camps in the Ancient Forest. Three are on the ground floor, while the remaining one is on the top floor. They are:

  1. Southwest Camp (sector 1)
  2. Northwest Camp (sector 8)
  3. Northeast Camp (sector 11)
  4. Ancient Forest Camp (sector 17)

Camp Locations in Wildspire Wastes

The second area also has four camps. Two are on the surface, while the others are in the large cave system. You’ll find them at these locations:

  1. Southwest Camp (sector 1)
  2. Eastern Camp (sector 11)
  3. Central Camp (sector 6)
  4. Northeast Camp (sector 15)

Coral Highlands Camp Locations

At this point, we’ve discovered only two of the four Coral Highlands area fast travel locations. The first one is on the lowest floor, while the other is on the second. They’re called:

  1. Southern Camp (sector 1)
  2. Northeast Camp (sector 12)
  3. ???
  4. ???

Rotten Vale Camp Locations

We only have two camps in Rotten Vale, the graveyard are below Coral Highlands, for now. The first is located on the top floor, and the other on the middle one. Here’s where you’ll find them:

  1. Southeast Camp (sector 1)
  2. Central Camp (sector 11)
  3. ???
  4. ???

Elder’s Recess Camp Locations

Elder’s Recess is the last area you’ll unlock. We have the locations for two fast travel camps there, both on the upper level.

  1. Southern Camp (sector 1)
  2. Eastern Camp (sector 8)
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  1. J
    Jeremy Smith

    Check your facts. There are 4 camps in every map. Dont try to cash in on a quick buck over a hyped game if you dont actually know anything. Progressing through the story for example, will give you a base camp in the Wildspire Wastes area 15. If you’re going to spread misinformation at least preface your article with a warning that you havent finished most of the story content since you dont even have the Elder Recess in your list of in game areas.

    1. K

      Come on man, we’re all in this together. No need to be rude.

      1. A

        Nah, Jeremy’s right. If you don’t know facts, place a warning.

    2. A

      Hey Jeremy don’t be smart-ass. If you know something then simply share it with the community. Thanks Ketchua for all your guides, I’ve been reading them since Witcher 3.

      1. K

        You are very welcome. Thanks for the kind words. <3

  2. M

    There are only 2 camps in Coral Highlands and Rotten Vale

  3. A

    Just as a heads up, there’s one in Elder’s Recess connected to area 16. You have to do a little bit of story before you can unlock it, though.

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