Monster Hunter World Quality Bone Locations

Quality bone is a high rank upgrade material in Monster Hunter World. It’s a type of bone that’s only available once you unlock high rank, which is kind of like new game plus. It is required for weapon and armor upgrades past that point, so you’ll probably want to scavenge a fair amount of it. This guide is going to show you all Monster Hunter World quality bone locations.

monster hunter world quality bone locations
Monster Hunter World Quality Bone Locations

Where to find quality bone in MHW?

Like most bones that don’t come from specific monsters, you’ll find this one in bonepiles. The catch is that it becomes available only after you unlock high rank. After you do, simply go to the Ancient Forest and harvest the nodes there. Every harvest is a dice roll, but you’ll eventually get enough of the type you’re looking for. The map is rich with nodes – almost each sector has at least one.

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Keep in mind that material nodes refill in real time, so you can just run around and do other stuff while the bonepiles replenishe themselves. You can also leave the area and return later, if you have other things to do.

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