Monster Hunter World Capture The Ancient Quest - A Living Fossil Trophy

Capture the Ancient is a quest in Monster Hunter World. It’s the last mission you’ll get from the Piscine Researcher, in which he’ll ask you to find the Petricanths, an ancient creature that’s part of the endemic life of the New World. Once you do, you’ll get the A Living Fossil trophy. It’s easier said than done, though – he has no hints about the location, or what the beastie looks like. That’s why we’ve decided to write this guide, to help you complete the Monster Hunter World Capture The Ancient quest.

monster hunter world capture the ancient fish quest
Monster Hunter World Capture The Ancient Quest

Ancient fish location

We’ve caught the ancient fish at Elder’s Recess, in the crystal-encased pond in sector 8. The pond is right next to the Eastern Camp – you can’t miss it. Before you head off, make sure you have some proper bait, like the Bait Bug. Regular Fodder won’t work on this sea monster.

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monster hunter world how to catch platinum fish

If the fish isn’t there at once, you can fast travel away and back. You’ll easily spot it – it’s large, black and has light blue spots all over. Once it spawns, simply throw the bait – don’t wiggle it. When you turn in the quest, you’ll get 800 research points and a Deluxe First Wyverian Print.

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  1. J

    Yeah, how do you unlock that particular mission again? I’ve looked in every map for the man and he hasn’t given me the task yet.

    1. J

      After doing the other fishing missions you have to find the fisherman guy on a low rank expedition.

  2. J
    Jorge Diaz

    I caught this fish before they gave me the quest and I got the trophy, and now it does not appear, I’ve tried a lot of times. Does it appear only once?

    1. C

      I’m running into the same thing. Did you ever get it?

  3. T

    It came back for me, but I had to start a new expedition like 15 times.

  4. U

    He can be caught multiple times. He’s just an extremely rare spawn that’s dependent on RNG to even have a chance to be there. Additionally, regular fodder does work on this fish. I caught him my first time with it.

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