Monster Hunter World Toxin, Thunder, Torrent Sac Locations

Toxin, thunder and torrent sac are crafting ingredients in Monster Hunter World. They’re obtained by killing certain beasts – ones that use these elements in their attacks. However, you can only get them from high rank versions. You probably already know which ones they are, but the name changes are causing a lot of confusion. That’s why we’ve decided to write up a list of Monster Hunter World toxin, thunder, torrent sac locations.

monster hunter world torrent toxin thunder sac locations
Monster Hunter World Toxin, Thunder, Torrent Sac Locations

How to get toxin sac?

In order to get a toxin sac, you’ll have to hunt the Pukei-Pukei. It’s the beast that used to drop the poison sac in low rank. The same rules still apply – use investigations to hunt them, since they increase your chance of getting the drop you want. Bigger monsters might help you in your fight, and you should use thunder, sleep and paralysis.

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Where to find thunder sac?

If you want a thunder sac, you’ll have to fight a Tobi-Kadachi (the blue lizard that can charge up with electricity). You might remember it as the one that used to drop the electro sac. If you’ve farmed those, you know what to do – use water and poison, and avoid their jump attacks at all cost.

How to obtain torrent sac?

Torrent sac is the high rank version of aqua sac. As such, you can get it from the Jyuratodus, the underwater behemoth. It is susceptible to stunning, but it has a coat of mud. Water damage will destroy the mud armor quickly, but the creature itself is weak to thunder.

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