MHW Crystal, Deceased, Immortal Shard & Glowing Slime Locations

Crystal, deceased, immortal shard and glowing slime are master rank crafting materials in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. All of them are monster hunting rewards, most of them only obtainable from elder dragons. Since they aren’t named after the beasts, figuring stuff out might take a while. We can help speed things up. If you’d like that, keep reading our MHW crystal, deceased, immortal shard & glowing slime locations guide.

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mhw crystal deceased immortal shard glowing slime
MHW Crystal, Deceased, Immortal Shard & Glowing Slime Locations

Crystal Shard

To get the crystal shard, you’ll have to hunt down the elder dragon Velkhana. You can carve it, or receive it as a reward after the hunt. It’s very rare, so you’ll probably need to do it more than once. Look for the beast in Elder’s Recess and Hoarfrost Reach, and bring some ice armor and fire weapons, if you can.

Deceased Shard

The deceased shard comes from the Blackveil Vaal Hazak, another elder dragon. You’ll find it either in the Rotten Vale or the Ancient Forest. It has water based attacks, so bring something to help with that, along with a fire weapon, provided you have one. The shard can come either as a drop, or a carve.

Immortal Shard

The immortal shard is the hardest to obtain of the three. You can only get it from Ruiner Nergigante, the elder dragon native to the Guiding Lands. This means you can only obtain this material during the end-game. You might be able to carve it – either that, or you’ll receive it as a reward. The monster doesn’t have any particular resistances, but a dragon weapon will work best.

Glowing Slime

The glowing slime is a rare Brachydios material that can appear as a drop or a post-hunt reward. This monster resides in the Elder’s Recess, and is relatively weak to ice. It is also resistant to fire, which you should keep in mind.