GreedFall Coin Guard Merchandise Guide - Sleeping Pills & Choices

Coin Guard Merchandise in Greedfall is a quest that involves making dialogue choices with the guard vendor, and will require you to find sleeping pills and make a laced drink to put some guards to sleep, among other things. The Coin Guard Merchandise quest is not exactly difficult to do, but there are a few aspects that you might find confusing. For example, how to get sleeping pills, how to get the laced drink, what to choose with the guard vendor, and, ultimately, how to complete Coin Guard Merchandise. If you’re having trouble with us, our GreedFall Coin Guard Merchandise Guide – Sleeping Pills & Choices is where you want to be.

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GreedFall Coin Guard Merchandise Guide - Sleeping Pills & Choices
GreedFall Coin Guard Merchandise Guide – Sleeping Pills & Choices

Coin Guard Merchandise Quest Guard Vendor – What to Choose?

The first step in the Coin Guard Merchandise quest is to negotiate with the Guard Vendor in central Serene. Just follow the quest marker. Now, when negotiating with the vendor, there are three routes you can take, so let’s go through each of them one by one.

The first option is to threaten a prison sentence. This requires you to have some points in Charisma in order to pull off. If the roll is unsuccessful, the vendor will call your bluff, and you’ll have to try a different approach. This is, however, arguably the best route to take. So, I’d recommend save-scumming here until the Charisma roll works.

The second option is bribing. You can only pull this off if you have one point in Intuition. Once you agree about the price, you’ll get some rep with the Coin Guard, and you won’t even have to pay anything. You won’t get any brownie points with Kurt, but hey, it works.

The final option is just plain threatening the vendor. This should be your absolute last resort. When you threaten the vendor, tempers are gonna flare, and things are gonna get ugly. Go around the block to the quest marker, throw open the door (this is the only way to open this locked Serene door). Kill everyone there, and the merchant will finally see reason. You will take a penalty to your rep with the Coin Guard, though.

How to Tamper with Ship’s Log in GreedFall Coin Guard Merchandise?

to tamper with the ship’s log in this GreedFall quest, you’ll have to find it and simply interact with it. This step happens after you speak with the Coin Guard quartermaster, and then with Vasco, who will explain why he can’t put your cargo on his ship.

So, follow the quest marker to the Harbour Master’s Office. Now, there are basically two ways to approach this quest. You can scope the place out and try to be super-stealthy about killing the enemies, or just kick down the door and go in gun-and-sword blazing. This will lose you reputation with the Nauts, so maybe rethink using the stealthier path. You might also consider getting the Sailor’s Coat and using it as a disguise.

However you do it, explore the place until you find the ship’s log and interact with it. This will lead you to the next step.

Sleeping Pills & Laced Drink – How to Get for Coin Guard Merchandise Quest?

To get the laced drink and sleeping pills in the Coin Guard Merchandise quest in GreedFall, there are two ways that you can go about this. If you have at least one point in Science, you can whip one up yourself. You’ll have to purchase or otherwise obtain a bottle of brandy and a sleeping potion (which already has sleeping pills in it). Then, go to a workbench and use these two ingredients to make the laced drink.

If you don’t have a point in Science, try and see if you have any item of clothing or anything else that might give you a temporary boost. If you don’t, despair not. Just go ahead and start looting the city in the hopes of coming across a laced drink. If you don’t find one, there’s still hope for you, but we’ll get to that in a second.

After you obtain the laced drink, follow the quest marker to the Naut warehouse. Talk to the guard, and offer them a drink. Once they go beddy-bye, follow the quest marker once again and speak to the porters. They’ll load up your merch into the warehouse, and there’s only one step left in the quest.

Note that you can also use the above mentioned Sailor’s Coat to bypass the whole laced drink thing completely, if you want to. Just put the coat on, and talk to the guards. They’ll up and leave, and you can complete the quest that way. Just go talk to the porters, and you’re done.

How to Complete Coin Guard Merchandise Quest in GreedFall?

To complete the Coin Guard Quest in GreedFall, after you complete the whole thing with the laced drink thing and notifying the porters, all that’s left is to speak with the Coin Guard Quartermaster in New Serene. Meaning, you have to get onto the boat and progress to the new world. The Quartermaster’s office is in the large building in the north of New Serene. Before that, you can speak with the Coin Guard Quartermaster in old Serene first. It’s not necessary, but he does give you verbal confirmation of what you have to do next.

So, that’s the long story of the Coin Guard Merchandise quest in GreedFall. If you need help with anything else, you can check out our other guides on the subject. For example, we’ve got Memory Crystals & Respec – How to Get and Pre-Order Bonus Adventurer’s Gear DLC – Where to Find.

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