Monster Hunter World Earth Crystal Locations

Earth Crystal is a material from Monster Hunter World. It can be obtained by mining certain nodes in particular areas. You’ll need it for quests, upgrading your weapons and armor, improving the services you get aboard the Astera, and such. It can be tough to find early on, so a lot of people are struggling with it. That’s why we’ll list all the Monster Hunter World earth crystal locations in this here guide.

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Where to find Earth Crystal in MHW?

Once you reached the Coral Highlands, you’re going to start getting more earth crystals than you know what to do with. However, most players will start feeling their absence before that. Thankfully, a fair bit can be mined in the Wildspire Waste. Approach a mining outcrop and whack it with your pickaxe. There’s a chance you’ll get what you need – but you also might end up with other ores and minerals. Just wait for the node to replenish and try again. With a little luck, you’ll have enough crystals soon enough. You can find the outcrops in sectors 5, 6, 8, 13 and 14.

If you’re not in a hurry, you can get them by completing certain quest, or sending the Palico’s on safari missions. It’s not as efficient, but it also doesn’t require much attention or effort.