MHW Eternal Regrowth Plate, Dash Extract, Flickering Silvershell Locations - Stark Wing

Eternal regrowth plate, dash extract, flickering silvershell and stark wing are crafting materials in Monster Hunter World. They’re master rank ingredients, which means you can only get them in the Iceborne expansion. All of them drop from monsters, but they’re usually available from only one specific beast each. If you don’t want to stumble around in the dark, our MHW stark wing, dash extract, flickering silvershell, eternal regrowth plate locations guide will help you.

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mhw eternal regrowth plate dash extract stark wing flickering silvershell
MHW Eternal Regrowth Plate, Dash Extract, Flickering Silvershell Locations – Stark Wing

Eternal Regrowth Plate

As far as we know, you can only get this material from the Ruiner Nergigante, both as a reward and as a carving. This elder dragon only appears in the Guiding Lands, the game’s end-game area. It has a weakness to dragon damage, as well as thunder.

Dash Extract

The dash extract can be obtained from monsters both new and old. If you insist on staying in Hoarfrost Reach, try the Banbaro. If you don’t have anything against going to older areas, you can go for the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku in the Coral Highlands, or the Diablos in Wildspire Waste.

Flickering Silvershell

You can get the flickering silvershell from the Seething Bazelgeuse, a variant only present in Elder’s Recess. It’s a fire-based flying monster, and it’s weak to ice and thunder. You can get the material as a reward, but also for breaking its back.

Stark Wing

As the name implies, the stark wing can be obtained by hunting some winged monsters. More specifically, it’s the Legiana and Shrieking Legiana that drop it. It can come as a regular post-hunt reward, but also as a reward for breaking their wings. Both are weak to fire and thunder, while being resistant to ice.

We’re going to keep playing, and if we find any more ways to obtain these materials, we’ll update the guide.