Celeste Chapter 9 Farewell Free DLC Now Available

The long-awaited final chapter of Celeste, appropriately called Farewell, is now out for all that own the game. It’s completely free, and it contains a number of super-difficult levels, brand new music, and more. So, if you just can’t part with the game yet, then you’re in luck. Enjoy the new content drop for all it has.

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Celeste Chapter 9 Farewell Free DLC Now Available
Celeste Chapter 9 Farewell Free DLC Now Available

If you’ve played Celeste, and just can’t get enough of it, well, who can blame you? It’s an amazing game. And now, there’s a little more of it, as a fond farewell present from creator Matt Thorson and the Celeste crew. The update, called Chapter 9: Farewell is now up on all platforms, and is completely free. To access the new levels, all you have to do is complete Chapter 8 of Celeste. Which, yes, is easier said than done, but I assume that you’re not ready to attempt these levels until you can manage the base game.

Now, the Farewell DLC is free, but in the announcement tweet, Thorson urges people to donate $5 or more to the Amazon Conservation Team, so go do that if you so want. On another note, composer Lena Raine also tweeted about Farewell, providing a link to purchase the soundtrack and stating that it features “just under 40 mins of new music & a number of amazing live players.” In other words, a lot of work went into this DLC, and they’re just giving it out. Wonderful stuff.

So, there you have it, everyone. You can now play the last slice of Celeste, and then, it’s time to say goodbye. Well, I mean, not really; you can always replay the game as much as you like. But, then again, it’s never the same as the first time. It’s never easy to part ways, but at least Celeste is going out with a bang.

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