Monster Hunter World Where to Find Preorder & Beta Bonus Items

If you’ve played Monster Hunter World during every beta event, you’re going to receive some items as rewards. If you’ve preordered the game, you’re going to receive some more. Some people are having trouble finding these items in the game, and are wondering where to find preorder & beta bonus items in Moster Hunter World.

monster hunter world where to find preorder beta bonus items
Monster Hunter World Where to Find Preorder & Beta Bonus Items

These bonus items include the Origin armor set, the Fair Wind charm, the Samurai set, the beginner, intermediate, expert and champion Commendation Packs, Camouflage & Wyvern face paint, the Topknot hairstyle, the Zen, Ninja Star & Sumo Slap gestures, and the Sir Loin sticker set.

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How to get preorder bonus items?

In order to get your preorder bonus items, you’ll have to talk to the housekeeper in your living quarters. This means you’ll have to get through the introduction and wait until the game lets you start playing for real. Once you’re at Astera, the Field Team Commander will send you to your living quarters to get your equipment. Your room is in the south of the area, to the right of the entrance.

When you’re in your room, you’ll see a humble Palico on the left. Talk to them and they’ll introduce themselves as the housekeeper, there to help you by taking care of the unhunterly stuff. Your excess equipment will be store in the item box, but the preorder bonus and beta reward items won’t appear there automatically. You’ll have to talk to the housekeeper and select the Claim add-on & bonuses option.

The option isn’t available the first time you’re there, but keep checking every once in a while. The game will allow you to pick it at some point, and you’ll get your bunch of rewards and bonuses. If there’s ever another promotion, or a DLC pack, this is surely the way it will be handled.

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    Hi! If I buy the game today (fisrt day), is there a way to get the pre order bonuses? Thanks!!! 🙁

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