Monster Hunter World How to Play Co-Op Multiplayer Online

Co-op online multiplayer in Monster Hunter World is a fun and useful way to play the game. In Monster Hunter World, playing with other people will make hunting for dangerous beasts more manageable. You can either join strangers via matchmaking, or host/join a session with your friends. You can also call others to assist you. All in all, because online co-op multiplayer can be such an important part of Monster Hunter, here are some general instructions on how to play online multiplayer co-op in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World How to Play Co-Op Multiplayer Online
Monster Hunter World How to Play Co-Op Multiplayer Online

How to Start Online Co-Op Multiplayer Session – Monster Hunter World?

To start an online multiplayer session with your friends (or, indeed, new people), you’ll have to approach and interact with one of the quest boards. That is, of course, unless you have a squad ready to go. If you’re planning on hosting a quest, you’ll find all of the tools you need right there. Select Online Session, and follow the steps to create the session. Then, generate a session ID, and simply send it out to friends that you want to play with.

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Of course, you don’t just have to host a session; you can join one which your friends might have set up. You might be even looking to meet new people through matchmaking. We’ll cover that directly below. Before we do, though, one important note. Whichever way you join the session, it will automatically end once the quest is over. You’ll have to start a new session for every quest that you want company on. That being said, you can absolutely go on expeditions with multiple players. Just team up and head on into the world. Explore to your heart’s content.

How to Join Multiplayer Coop in Monster Hunter World?

In order to join an online co-op session, your first step is to go to a Quest Board, like mentioned above. Head to the Online Session and select it. From here, there are two options. If you want to join your friends on a quest, and somebody is already hosting a session, simply enter the ID code that they sent you, and you’ll be on your way.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have people you want to play it, you can use regular old matchmaking instead. Once a t the quest board, you’ll have the option to peruse through the different quests and select which one you want to join. The game will then connect you with a group that’s lacking the manpower.

Monster Hunter World SOS Flare – How to Use?

You use SOS flares in Monster Hunter World to summon assistance from another player. Monster Hunter games are definitely not known for being merciful to players. You’ll likely get stuck between a rock and a hard place (to say nothing of the many razor-sharp teeth and claws) fairly often, especially as a new player. If you find yourself in a rough situation, and can’t make it on your own, you might want to go ahead and light that SOS flare.

To access the SOS flare, the first step is to go into the menu. Find the SOS Flare, then hit whichever button is the Select button on your platform. That’s all there is to it. You’ll light the flare, and hope that some kind soul will answer your call for help.

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