Monster Hunter World Free Character Edit Voucher - Change Gender

Free character edit voucher is a DLC for Monster Hunter World. It’s a free cosmetic item that will finally allow players to change gender and the appearance of their hunters. Some tweaks were possible without it, but the voucher will allow you a complete redo on a sinle hunter. You’ll need to download it from the store manually, and choose to activate it at the correct time. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to use free character edit voucher in Monster Hunter World.

monster hunter world free character edit voucher
Monster Hunter World Free Character Edit Voucher – Change Gender

Where to find free character edit voucher in MHW?

You’ll need to look for the voucher in the store manually. Either use the search function, or go to the game’s page, then select the option to view add-ons. The free character edit voucher will be on the list. Simply select it and follow the instructions to tie it to your account and download it. If you’ve done this while the game was running, make sure to quit/restart before you try to use the voucher.

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How to change gender in MHW?

In order to change your gender (or appearance) with the free character edit voucher, you’ll simply need to start the game and go to the character/save slot selection screen. Once you’re there, highlight your hunter and look at the bottom part of the screen. Look for the option called “Re-edit character”. Press Square on Playstation (or X on Xbox One), and you’ll be taken to the character customization screen, where you’ll be able to tweak everything to your heart’s content.

After you’ve made the changes, you won’t be able to do it again, so be careful and try not to mess it up. You will have the option to change your appearance a little using the old method, but don’t expect wonders.

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