Monster Hunter World Freezer, Coma, Inferno Sac Locations

Freezer, coma and inferno sacs are animal drops in Monster Hunter World. They are used in weapon and armor crafting, and only become available once you unlock high rank. You’re probably already acquainted with the enemies that drop them, but the names might mislead you. This guide is going to straighten things out by showing you Monster Hunter World freezer, coma, inferno sac locations.

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monster hunter world inferno coma freezer sac locations
Monster Hunter World Freezer, Coma, Inferno Sac Locations

Where to find freezer sac?

If you’re trying to farm freezer sacs, you’ll need to hunt the high rank version of Legiana, the flying giant previously seen in Coral Highlands. You probably remember hunting it for the frost sacs earlier. Your best bet would be to try investigations, or responding to others’ SOS calls. The monster has a weakness to poison, fire and thunder.

How to get coma sac?

The coma sac is the high rank version of the sleep sac. You’ll get it from Radobaan, the spiky terror of Rotten Vale. Use dragon damage and blast attacks for best effect. Keep in mind that the beast may have moved after you unlocked high rank, but the investigations will always lead you to the right place.

Inferno sac location

You can get the inferno sac from the Rathalos, like you did with the flame sac. There’s not much to say about it, as it’s a one of the toughest monsters in the game. Use dragon damage and try not to get hit. It would be best if you had a group to try this with, as well.