Pokemon GO Update 0.91.1 Metadata Hiding New Quest Types

A new update for Pokemon GO has released. At first glance, it only adds two useful little features. However, there’s much more hiding below the surface. The metadata uncovered by the dataminers reveals that Niantic is preparing to introduce a lot of new quests and features revolving around quests.

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Pokemon GO Update 0.91.1 Metadata Hiding New Quest Types
Pokemon GO Update 0.91.1 Metadata Hiding New Quest Types

Niantic has released a new update for Pokemon Go. It will update the app to version 0.91.1 on Android and version 1.61.1 on iOS. The official patch notes don’t reveal much. According to the post, all it does is improve the in-game News feature, allows Trainers to use “Shiny” in their Pokemon Collection search, and the usual “various bug fixes and performance updates.” On the surface, it’s really nothing exciting. They’re neat features, but that’s about it. However, just like with most Pokemon GO updates, a lot is hiding in the metadata. Let’s see what the dataminers from the Silph Road subreddit have unearthed.

Among other things, it seems that Niantic is reworking the energy bar, adding “new Pokedex Display buttons for Deoxys and Castform”, and other stuff. That being said, the most exciting stuff that the dataminers have unearthed revolves around quests. It would appear that Niantic is planning some major reworks to the quests. So far, all we had were the daily “quests” of the first daily spin and catch. For starters, there are two types that appear in the metadata: STORY_QUEST and CHALLENGE_QUEST. There’s also brand new objectives, including hatching eggs, walking Buddy Pokemon, winning gym battles and completing raid battles, and so on. And, let’s not forget, QUEST_MULTI_PART. Oh, yeah.

This really sounds interesting. I, and many other trainers, have been losing interest in the game. Adding a variety of quests and other things to do will definitely get a bunch of us back in to see what’s new.

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