Monster Hunter World Frost, Sleep, Flame Sac Locations

Frost, sleep and flame sacs are crafting materials in Monster Hunter World. They are obtained from different beasts, and are used in various weapon and armor upgrades. You’ll need to hunt quite a bit in order to get them, but we’ll try to save you some time in this Monster Hunter World frost, sleep, flame sac locations guide.

How to get frost sac?

monster hunter world legiana frost sac

To get some frost sacs, you’ll need to hunt Legiana, a monster native to the Coral Highlands. It’s the final beast of the area, so expect heavy resistance. Legiana is a quick one, but it’s weak to thunder, fire and poison. In case you’re having trouble finding it, look for investigations and quests involving it. The former also offer more chance to get the ice sac.

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Flame sac locations

monster hunter world flame sac

The flame sac can be obtained by hunting Rathalos, the apex predator of Ancient Forest. It has poison claws and breathes fire, but you can damage it well with dragon-based weapons. You should try to ground it before you attack, wound its wings, then focus on the head. It’s a sturdy beast, but a sure way to get a fire sac. If you have trouble finding it, look for investigation quests in the area. You can also get it by hunting Rathians – another beast that lives in the Ancient Forest.

Where to find sleep sac?

In order to find a sleep sac, you’ll need to slay a Radobaan. This monster can be found in Rotten Vale – you can’t miss it, it looks like a giant ball of spikes. It’s pretty tough, but you can damage it with dragon damage, and it’s susceptible to blast attacks. If you hit it while it’s rolling, you can throw it off balance. Look for an investigation involving it for higher chances of success.

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    You can get flame sac also as a reward from investigation on Anjalath.

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