Monster Hunter World Boulder Bone Locations

Boulder Bone is one of the myriad crafting resources present in Monster Hunter World. It’s extremely rare, and many players are having trouble getting their hands on it. It’s required for crafting armor pieces from the Barroth set, as well as certain charms. If you’re stuck looking for it, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve prepared a Monster Hunter World boulder bone locations guide.

monster hunter world boulder bone locations
Monster Hunter World Boulder Bone Locations

How to get boulder bone in MHW?

Boulder bones are obtained by looting the bonepiles in Wildspire Waste. You can find the bone-harvesting nodes in sectors 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Simply approach the skeleton and interact with it for a chance to loot a boulder bone. You can also get some more common bones, so you’ll have to keep trying. These nodes will replenish after a while, so stay in the area and keep busy for a while, to let the resources respawn.

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Sometimes, when you’re leaving the area after getting at least one boulder bone, the game might reward you with extra bones. If you don’t mind the loading screens (and you probably do). it might be smarter to fast travel away from the area when you’ve looted all the bonepiles, instead of waiting for them to replenish in real time.

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