Monster Hunter World Getting Street Fighter V Armor Sets

Ryu and Sakura from Street Fighter V will be coming to Monster Hunter World as craftable armor sets. You’ll have to complete a quest, first. That quest will be added for a limited amount of players at first, and will later open up for all. There’s no exact launch date for the quest just yet.

Monster Hunter World Getting Street Fighter V Armor Sets
Monster Hunter World Getting Street Fighter V Armor Sets

Capcom has announced that two characters from Street Fighter V will be available in Monster Hunter World as armor sets. Specifically, we’re looking at Ryu and Sakura. This isn’t the first time that the Monster Hunter franchise houses crossovers like this, but this is likely the most perfect blend of awesome and stupid ever. The arrival of Ryu and Sakura also got a video announcement, which you can and should check out below. It’s truly glorious to see Ryu unload a machine gun into a monster one minute, and then hadouken one in the face the next.

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The announcement on the Capcom website offers some more details on how this crossover is going to work. In a few weeks, PS4 player that have a save file of Street Fighter V (Arcade Edition included) will get a special quest, “Down the Dark, Muddy Path”. When you complete said quest, you’ll get “SFV Tickets” as a reward item. Take them to the Smithy, along with other required materials, and you’ll get your Ryu armor set. The quest will open for other PS4 players and all Xbox One players not long afterwards. Then, after that, two new event quests will open up, offering more SFV Tickets, so that you can craft the Sakura set, as well.

Now, the important thing to remember that both Ryu and Sakura are armor sets that can’t be mixed with other armor pieces. That being said, you can put both sets on hunters of both genders, and they’ll also change your character’s voice. As for the hadouken and shoryuken, that’s a bit of a disappointment. Apparently, the shoryuken and hadouken poses will be free on your platform’s store, and as gestures, they’ll cost $4 each. So, I’m no longer sure that we’ll be able to hadouken a monster in the face. I hope we will.

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