Monster Hunter World Lump of Meat Location - Meat of The Matter Quest

Lump of Meat is an account item in Monster Hunter World. This means you can’t use it for anything, but you can trade it in for cash. It’s pretty much like the Wyvern Egg – when you pick it up, it will prevent you from fighting. There’s a quest that requires you to snatch two of them, called The Meat of The Matter. If you’re having trouble finding the item, keep reading and we’ll show you some Monster Hunter World lump of meat locations.

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monster hunter world lump of meat location
Monster Hunter World Lump of Meat Location – Meat of The Matter Quest

The Meat of The Matter Quest

The quest has a five star rating, and you can start it by talking to the Meowscular Chef in the Cantina. It will task you with going to the Rotten Vale area, and delivering two lumps of meat to the item box in a camp of your choosing.

Where to find lump of meat in MHW?

You can find the lump of meat in sector 13 of Rotten Vale. Our advice would be to teleport to Central Camp, the one in sector 11. You’ll need to go one floor down, and head to the eastern part of sector 13. You’ll see what looks like a dead pterodactyl. Loot the corpse, and you’ll get the lump – you’ll carry it like an egg, cradling it in both hands. This means you won’t be as nimble as you usually are, and you won’t be able to fight.

Several groups of monsters will come after you while you try to reach the camp – using the Ghillie Mantle will fool them easily enough. If you use the cloak on the first run, you’ll have to wait some five minutes or so for it to recharge before you can use it again.