Monster Hunter World Goldenfish Location

Goldenfish is a rare, cave-dwelling animal from Monster Hunter World. When the Piscine Researcher first tells you about it, he mentions not every fisherman can find one. The critter likes to hide, apparently. If you want to complete the bounty and get the research points, you’ll have to, though. This guide is going to help you by showing you the Monster Hunter World goldenfish locations.

monster hunter world goldenfish locations
Monster Hunter World Goldenfish Location

Where to find goldenfish?

According to the researcher, the goldenfish likes to hide out in caves. Its compendium entry suggests several maps, but we caught our own at Rotten Vale. It was in a small azure pond on the lowest level, in sector 15. The entrance to the tiny chamber is on the south side of sector 10.

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Once you see the pond, you might recognize two types of fish in it. The smaller ones are goldenfry – they aren’t important right now. The bigger ones are what you’re looking for – the goldenfish.

When you turn in the bounty back at the provisions center, you’ll receive a bunch of research points, and a first wyverian print. You’ll also unlock the next step in the fishing quest line – find the researcher again, and he’ll tell you about your next target.

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