Monster Hunter World Sushifish Location

Sushifish is one of the quest-related aquatic animals of Monster Hunter World. It lives in the ocean off the coast of the Ancient Forest. You’ll need to catch one during a critical bounty, in order to help the Piscine Researcher. Since some players are having trouble finding it, we’ve decided to write a guide detailing some Monster Hunter World sushifish locations.

monster hunter world sushifish capture bounty
Monster Hunter World Sushifish Location

Where to find sushifish in MHW?

As we’ve mentioned, you can catch sushifish in the Ancient Forest. More precisely, they can be found in sector 4, in the southeastern corner of the map. There’s a small beach there where you can fish, but there’s also some nasty, territorial wildlife there. You can either fight them, or pull on your Ghillie Mantle and simply walk by them. There are quite a few sushifish off the coast there, so you should be able to catch one soon enough.

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Keep in mind that you can always teleport away and back again to reset the area and force the animals, plants and nodes to respawn immediately. Use this if you don’t manage to catch a sushifish before long.

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