Monster Hunter World How to Capture Monsters, Fish, Insects & Birds

You wouldn’t be wrong if you presumed Monster Hunter World is all about killing giant beasts. But there are other aspects to it. One of the things a lot of people seem to struggle is capturing monsters. You can trap endemic life and large beasts alive – some can then be used for research, others for decoration. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to capture monsters in Monster Hunter World.

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monster hunter world how to capture monster
Monster Hunter World How to Capture Monsters, Fish, Insects & Birds

How to capture monsters in MHW?

You’ll encounter several optional quests with the objective to capture a particular monster alive. The researchers will ask you to bring them a live sample, so they can study it. When you get a mission like this, you’ll want to stock up on traps, whatever works best on the beast in question. You’ll also need a handful of EZ Tranq Bombs. Once you’ve got the equipment, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Go and start fighting the monster like you would anyway.
  • Attack until it starts to limp.
  • As it tries to get away to its den, set a trap for it.
  • When it activates the trap, your handler will tell you to start spamming EZ Tranq Bombs.
  • After several of those, the beast will be captured and transported to your base.

How to capture insects & birds?

monster hunter world how to capture beasts bugs birds fish

Insects and birds can be caught using a capture net. It’s a piece of equipment you’ll get pretty early on, and it’s like an extension for your gauntlet. Simply equip it, aim it at a critter and fire. If you’re close enough, you’ll catch it. The endemic life you catch this way can be displayed in your room.

How to catch fish?

monster hunter world how to catch fish

If it’s fishing you’re interested in, it’s just as simple – if not even simpler. You’ll get the fishing rod early on during the main story. All you need to do with it is approach a body of water and cast the line. When the sinker goes below the surface, you’ll be prompted to start pressing buttons. Mash them in the exact order and duration the game asks you to, and you’ll end up with a fish. There are several kinds of bait you can use, but that’s a topic for an advanced course.

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