Monster Hunter World Warped Bone Locations

Warped bone is one of the materials available to players of Monster Hunter World. It’s a high-level ingredient, required to craft some of the more advanced weapons, armor and charms. In order to get it, you’ll need access to the Rotten Vale area, which is among the last you’ll unlock. Since a growing number of players seem to be wondering where to get this item, we’ve decided to make a guide with Monster Hunter World warped bone locations.

mhw how to get warped bone
Monster Hunter World Warped Bone Locations

How to get warped bone in MHW?

monster hunter world warped bone location

In order to get warped bone, you’ll have to travel to Rotten Vale. Once you’re there, start looting bonepiles. They’re resource nodes – marked with a yellow question mark on the map, and a decaying skeleton in the game’s world. You’ll find them in sectors 1, 2, 4 and 5. They might not always give you this particular type of bone, so you’ll probably have to harvest them multiple times. Luckily, the contents of a node are replenished after a while, so there will always be more.

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If you can’t sit around and wait for the bones to respawn, you can teleport out of the zone and directly back it. It will reset the respawn timer and make the bonepiles open for business again.

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