Monster Hunter World How to Start Iceborne DLC Quest

Iceborne is the first big expansion for Monster Hunter World. It adds a new area called Hoarfrost Reach, and a bunch of new monsters, weapons, armor sets and a whole new story. In order to go to the new area and start the whole adventure, you’ll have to complete a short quest first. If the quest isn’t showing up, keep reading our Monster Hunter World how to start Iceborne DLC quest guide.

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monster hunter world how to start iceborne dlc quest
Monster Hunter World How to Start Iceborne DLC Quest

How to start MHW Iceborne DLC?

When you start the game after you’ve bought and installed the expansion, you’ll be greeted with the above message. It says there’s a Legiana in the Ancient Forest, which is something you should investigate. If you don’t get this message upon starting the game, it means the DLC hasn’t launched in your region yet. If you’ve got the message, go and talk to the Feisty Fiver, the NPC hanging around next to the notice board in Astera.

He’ll send you on an expedition in the Ancient Forest. Just follow the handler while she tracks the beast. After you’ve reached the end, you’ll be rewarded with a cutscene. The quest will end after a lengthy conversation with the entire management around a sturdy wooden desk. Once that cutscene is over, and you’ve unlocked master rank, talk to the commander. He’ll give you the option to board the Third Fleet airship and head for Hoarfrost Reach.

You’ll land quite roughly, and you’ll have to establish a base camp yourself. You’ll also have to wrestle with your first native beast, a Beotodus. Defeat it, and you’ll be taken to Selina, the new hub. There, you’ll get your first quests, meet a bunch of new people, hang out in the hot springs and decorate your new quarters.



  1. Y


    I’m yan from Jakarta – Indonesia.

    I have downloaded the latest version of monster hunterworld 10.11 on my PS4

    I’m having trouble with the monster hunter world Iceborne quest.

    I search from google that the quest for monster hunter iceborne suppose to appear when I entered astera and I have to talk to feisty fiver. But, nothing happened. I have finished all the quest, and my current HR is 276.

    I am using PS4 monster hunter world region All game disc and I purchased monsterhunterworld iceborne from playstation store with asia region.

    whats wrong with the game? I purchased the deluxe kit with all of the bonus contents. I have downloaded velkhana dynamic theme and also all of the bonus avatar.

    Please help me, I really want to play the latest monster hunter world iceborne.

    1. B

      I have the same problem! I already downloaded the expansion but no prompt comes out to talk to the fiesty fiver when I enter the game. My HR is currently 73. I am able to claim the add ons in game though. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!!

  2. B

    I have the same problem! I am currently HR73 (which should be enough for iceborne right?) and I also don’t get a prompt when I enter the game even though I can claim the add ons from my cat. Could someone help?

  3. D

    I noticed that it does not matter if you have the dics version or the digital one, you need to buy the dlc. It’s around 30-50$ on the PS store.

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