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Ancient Forest treasures are new collectibles in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. There are ten of them, and you’ll need them all if you want to unlock the Ultimate Collector achievement. This means becoming friends with the Bugtrappers and deciphering their vague hints about the treasure’s locations. If you’re not interesting in figuring out the puzzles on your own, our MHW Iceborne Ancient Forest treasure locations guide should speed things up.

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How to get treasure in Ancient Forest?

First of all, you’ll have to increase your reputation level with the Bugtrappers, the grimalkyne tribe from Ancient Forest. This means completing their quests, unlocking the Palico gadget and taking them on adventures with you. Once you hit unity level 6, you’ll unlock the ability to trade with them. When you give them stuff they like, they’ll give you tips about one of the treasures. Keep your eyes on the trader as you offer items – it’ll show you whether he’s willing to take them or not.

Sharing is Caring #1

East of the Bugtrapper den, a big flower blooms atop a tree. It looks out over a dazzling drop, as if thinking “who’d fall for me?” Find this place and you can have a token of our appreciation.

You’ll find this one in area 5. It’s in the pond in the northwest of the area.

Ancient forest treasure #2

We met on a lower floor of our lair, the bottom of the forest. Bug cages help us protect ourselves, so they require proper maintenance. When I went to look for materials one day, I found nothing poisonous mushrooms, and to top things off, I was attacked by a monster with a long, icky tongue! Then Rey appeared, and saved me by quickly putting together a Thunderbug cage using an insect found nearby. My hero! It was on top of an elevated platform, with a nice, sweet healing shower.

You’re going to find this treasure in area 6. It’s in the north, up on the ledge from which the vines with red flowers hang.

Sharing is Caring treasure #3

First we tried to use the shiny thing and the shocky thing at the wyvern water hole near the big flower, but we failed. The wyvern chased us until we saw the sea, but fortunately a falling tree saved the day. Can you find this helpful tree?

This one can be found at the beach in area 4. There’s a tree stump with a tangle of vines on it in the middle of the area – you’ll find the treasure next to it.



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