Monster Hunter World Iceborne Arriving to PC January 9th

PC players of Monster Hunter World will, after months of waiting, get access to the Iceborne DLC. It has been out on consoles since September; it’s about time PC gets some love. The DLC includes a huge new region and a bevy of brand new monsters to hunt. And so, so much more. It really is worth the asking price.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Arriving to PC January 9th
Monster Hunter World Iceborne Arriving to PC January 9th

Several months after its release on consoles, the Monster Hunter World Iceborne DLC is finally going to be available on PC, too. At long last, hunters across all platforms will have access to Hoarfrost Reach, the new area of the game, which slowly expands to become the largest region so far. Plus, it’s inhabited with all sorts of brand new monsters for you to defeat, including the Elder Dragon Velkhana. So much to do, so much to see, and so much to conquer. Of course, there’s other stuff that the DLC adds, so let’s go over that real quick.

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For one, the difficulty goes up in Iceborne. That’s why you earn Master Ranks for playing it, and you have to complete the base game’s story in its entirety and reach Hunter Rank 16 before setting foot in Hoarfrost Reach. Don’t worry, though, because the game will provide you with free Defender Weapons and a Guardian Armor to help you out. There’s also the new Clutch Claw mechanic, as well as mounts, to help you traverse the world. Oh, and updates to all the weapons. And, for those of you that lend a helping hand to other players that are still not up to par for Iceborne, you’ll get special rewards for your troubles.

So, there you have it. If you’re a fan of Monster Hunter World, especially a dedicated player, then Iceborne is absolutely a must-play. So, head over to the Steam page and pick it up. There’s still time to pre-order it and get the Yukomo Layered Armor Set bonus. I don’t normally condone pre-ordering, but this one’s worth it.

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