Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trailer Shows Off Ways to Improve Your Characters

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is the latest in the long line of DBZ fighting games. It’s going to be released in a few weeks, and apart from smacking your opponents about during tournaments, it’ll allow you to roam the overworld, explore and level up your characters in different ways. It’s exactly that aspect of the game the latest trailer focuses on, showing off the myriad activities that help your character’s progression.

dragon ball z kakarot trailer
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trailer Shows Off Ways to Improve Your Characters

First of all, there’s food. Eating provides you with temporary benefits, but it also increases your stats permanently, little by little. You can chomp on apples you pick from trees, but those are hardly enough. You can cook food by the campfire – much better, but still far from ideal. You can also look for cooks in settlements – they’ll prepare high-quality dishes for you in exchange for favors and currency. Finally, you can rely on Chi-chi, but this option requires you to procure both the recipes and the ingredients.

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Then there are the Zorbs. There are different types of Zorbs, color coded by area, which you’ll have to collect while exploring the land. You’ll then be able to use them to unlock super attacks, like the Kamehameha. You can also unlock skills and attacks by performing certain feats in training, most often defeating a specific enemy or two. In order to unlock various training options, you’ll have to collect D medals, which are hidden across the world.

Finally, we come to the community boards. It starts of by collecting soul emblems of various characters – you can do this by completing side quests and following the main story. Placing emblems on a community board will increase its rank, unlocking the appropriate community skills. There are seven community boards, each with its own set of skills and bonuses. Also, certain soul emblems work better in tandem, providing a link bonus when you place them next to each other.

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