MHW Iceborne Dragonvein Solidbone - Elder, Fierce, Heavy Bone Locations

Dragonvein bones are a group of rare, high tier crafting materials in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. You can only get them from the end game area, and they are used only for the best pieces of equipment. No matter which one of them you’re missing, this guide will show you MHW Iceborne Dragonvein solidbone, elder, fierce, heavy bone locations, to help you complete your armor and weapon collections.

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mhw iceborne dragonvein solidbone elder fierce heavy bone locations
MHW Iceborne Dragonvein Solidbone – Elder, Fierce, Heavy Bone Locations

Dragonvein Solidbone locations

In order to get yourself a Dragonvein Solidbone you’ll have to go to the Guiding Lands. Any region will do, at any level. Once there, start hunting large monsters. This includes anything that requires more than 15 minutes to beat. The solidbone is not a guaranteed drop for any particular beast, so it’s a matter of luck.

Elder Dragonvein Bone

This is probably one of the rarest and hardest to obtain materials. The Elder Dragonvein Bone is available only in the Guiding Lands, and it only drops from Elder Dragons. Just hope you get it on your first try, since these are some of the longest fights in the game.

How to get Fierce Dragonvein Bone

The Fierce Dragonvein Bone is also a drop from the Guiding Lands. It can drop from any large monster encountered, so just pick one you’re confident you can take down without much hassle. Although at this point, you’ll probably already be used to repeating the same hunts over and over again, so it shouldn’t be too much of a bother.

Where to find Heavy Dragonvein Bone

The last bone you can obtain from the end-game area is called Heavy Dragonvein Bone. Like most of the others, it can appear as a reward from slaying any of the large monsters in the Guided Lands. The level doesn’t matter, thankfully, so you can just hunt whatever and hope for the best.


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