MHW Iceborne Pearl Snatchers Event Lets You Earn Monkey Headgear

Pearl Snatchers is a limited-time event in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. It’ll be available for a month after launch, and it’ll give you the chance to earn a piece of unique headgear. If you complete it, you’ll end up with a live Pearl Macaque as a hat. Better get going.

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mhw iceborne pearl snatchers monkey headgear
MHW Iceborne Pearl Snatchers Event Lets You Earn Monkey Headgear

In order to take part, you’ll need to be at least Master Rank 3. Once you are, head to Selena and check out the notice board. The quest requires you to capture 6 Pearl Macaques. It’s a pretty easy task – just go to area 2 of Hoarfrost Reach and look at the hot springs. You’ll see a bunch of monkeys milling around. Wear a Ghillie Suit to make yourself harder to spot, then simply approach them and use the net to capture them.

Once you’ve completed the quest, head on over to the smithy and look for Pearlspring Alfa Plus. That’s the new “helmet”. You’ll need three Pearlspring Tickets, two Prized Pelts and two Thick Bones, along with 9000 American dollars. It might sound steep, but this is a one-of-a-kind headpiece. It offers 120 defense and 5 protection versus ice. If you spend some advanced armor spheres on it, you can bump up the defense to 124.

It is, hands down, one of the wackiest events they’ve ever had, and the monkey is going to be a great fit for the new bird-themed Poogie outfit. It’s too bad you can’t take the piglet with you on adventures, as well. Just make sure you complete the quest at least once before the month is up, otherwise you will have to wait for a rerun, which might not even happen. It’s an easy task, and it’s a good way to farm gems as well, if that’s what you’re into.


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