MHW Iceborne Flood, Lightning, Deadly Poison Sac Locations

Flood, Lightning & Deadly Poison Sac are all master rank materials in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. They’re body parts that drop from certain kinds of monsters, and that’s the only way to get them. Since they aren’t named by the monsters, but after the kind of attack they allow them to perform, figuring out which beasts drop which sacs can be a painful experience. If you need help, our MHW Iceborne Flood, Lightning, Deadly Poison Sac locations guide will explain everything.

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mhw iceborne flood lightning deadly poison sac locations
MHW Iceborne Flood, Lightning, Deadly Poison Sac Locations

Flood Sac locations

The flood sac comes from monsters that have water-based attacks – the description says it is able to hold tremendous amounts of water. You can get it from the Jyuratodus in the Wildspire Waste, or the Coral Pukei-Pukei in Coral Highlands.

How to get Lightning Sac

This one drops from baddies with thunder attacks. This includes new monsters like the Zinogre and Fulgur Anjanath, as well as old ones like the Tobi-Kadachi, a beast you’re probably familiar with from your days in the Ancient Forest.

Where to find Deadly Poison Sac?

The Deadly Poison Sac is the strongest venom container one can get in the New World. We know of only two beasts that can provide you with this organ – the Pukei-Pukei of the Ancient Forest, and the Viper Tobi-Kadaci of Hoarfrost Reach.

Sadly, there’s no guarantee you’ll get any of these on your first try, so you quest for the sac might turn into an epic journey of self-discovery. Even if it doesn’t, you’ll end up with a bunch of crafting materials you can always use to make something nice. You can even spend those useless ores on the Steamworks mini game now, which will turn them into consumables and what not. It’s a weird sorta-gambley game whose outcomes are “win a lot” and “win a little”.