MHW Iceborne How to Ram Monster Into Walls - Flinch Shot

Flinch Shot is a move in Monster Hunter World Iceborne that you can perform using the Clutch Claw. The Iceborne Flinch Shot is extremely useful, because you can use it to slam enemies into walls and other obstacles, even each other. Ramming monsters into stuff causes them damage, and also knocks them down for further punishment. You can even use the Flinch Shot to bring down flying enemies. Certainly, it’s easier said than done; when performed correctly, though, it’s a really powerful move. All that said, here’s our MHW Iceborne How to Ram Monster Into Walls – Flinch Shot guide to five you some pointers.

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MHW Iceborne How to Ram Monster Into Walls - Flinch Shot
MHW Iceborne How to Ram Monster Into Walls – Flinch Shot

How to Slam Monsters with Flinch Shot in Monster Hunter World Iceborne?

To slam monsters into walls, or each other, or any other obstacle, you have to us the Flinch Shot. Now, to perform the Flinch Shot, the first step is to make sure that you have ammo loaded into the slinger; rocks, watermoss, whatever you have. Then, use the Clutch Claw and aim for the monster’s face. Shoot and, when you’re on its face, press R2 (or the equivalent on your platform). This will fling the monster in the direction that it was facing at the moment of impact, and for quite a distance, too.

If the creature runs into a wall after you perform the Flinch Shot, it’s gonna take a lot of damage, and also go into knockdown. In other words, it opens it up for some serious, consequence-free damage. If you manage to ram a monster into another monster, both will get knocked down and take damage. Pull it off on a flying monster, and it’ll crash to the ground. But what is one to do if the monster isn’t facing a wall? Well, then you can press Circle to turn it by 90 degrees, in the direction opposite to where you’re hanging. You can do it up to four times, if you’re lucky.

Now, this isn’t to say that the maneuver is completely consequence-free. In fact, it’s highly likely that the monster will become Enraged. And you can’t perform a Flinch Shot on an Enraged creature. So, try and time performing it as carefully as you can, and always communicate your intentions to your teammates. That said, there is a small window right after the first ram, during which you do have a chance to pull off another one. Good luck.

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