MHW Iceborne Moonlight Icebloom Locations

Moonlight Icebloom is one of the new crafting materials in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. It’s a blue flower that grows in several places across Hoarfrost Reach. There are two versions of it – the regular Icebloom and Moonlight Icebloom. You’ll need both for a bunch of new crafting materials. If you’re having trouble meeting the quotas, you’ll enjoy this guide, which is going to show you all Monster Hunter World Iceborne Moonlight Icebloom locations.

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monster hunter world iceborne moonlight icebloom locations
Monster Hunter World Iceborne Moonlight Icebloom Locations

Where to find Icebloom & Moonlight Icebloom

Icebloom flowers can be harvested from a specific resource node in Hoarfrost Reach. It’s called Frozen Foliage, and it looks like a bent sapling, encased in ice, with icicles hanging off it. Whenever you loot one of them, you’ll either get the regular or the Moonlight Icebloom. They can be found in two zones of the new map. There are three nodes in zone 7, in the big room in the north. All three are along the north wall. There’s another node in zone 8, on the other level. You’ll find it in the dead end in the southwest of the zone.

mhw iceborne moonlight icebloom locations

Since both items are obtained from the same node, there’s always a gamble. The nodes respawn after a while, which means that after you’ve looted them all, if you still don’t have what you need, you have to either wait a fair bit, or go back to town and start a new expedition. If you’re not in a hurry, the idea way to collect them would be by visiting these nodes each time you go on an expedition. This way, you’d slowly stockpile the resources, but you’d avoid the tedium of farming them. However, if you’re looking to get a bunch of them in a short time frame, your only option would be to farm these deposits.


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