MHW Iceborne Research Request Locations - How to Get Gold Rewards

Lynian research is a chain of side quests in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. If you talk to the Lynian researcher after arriving to Hoarfrost Reach, he’ll give you a camera and ask you to take pictures of Lynians in the natural habitats. He’ll present you with 20 requests, all ask you to go to specific places and snap photos of cats doing various things. If you’re having trouble deciphering his instructions, this guide will show you all MHW Iceborne research request locations, and what the perfect, three-star pictures look like.

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mhw iceborne lynian research request locations how to get gold reward
MHW Iceborne Lynian Research Request Locations

How to get gold rewards for research requests?

If you look at the lower right corner of the research request’s screen, you’ll see a list of conditions your photo needs to fulfill. There will always be three of them – fulfilling each three will net you the gold reward. Getting two results in a silver or two-star prize, while having only one present in the photo you provide will give you the bronze reward. So make sure you try to tick off as many of the completion conditions as possible.

If you look below the conditions, you’ll see the sighting info. This is where you’ll find the exact area you should look in, the time of day and weather in which your subject express the desired behavior. Our advice would be to snap a bunch of pics of the same subject, then submit them one by one until you get three stars.

A Keen Sense of Smell

Go to the Bugtrappers lair in the Ancient Forest, the one on top of the giant tree. Zoom in on a single cat while it’s sniffing around – make sure you capture it whole, and that you’re taking the picture from the front. The best way to do this is to first observe their patrol routes, then, when you figure out where they usually sniff, stand in front of that place and wait for your subject to come back there and start sniffing.

Keeping Up The Pace

For this one, you need to go to Area 6 of the Ancient Forest and look for a good vantage point. There’s a big tree in the east you can climb up. Once can see the group of Lynians running around, you need to take a picture of one giving out orders to another. Only the two of them should be in the photo (despite the condition saying one subject), and you should make sure they both fit in the shot.

The Leaf Boat

You can do this one in any part of the Ancient Forest. Get a Bugtrapper to help, then head into a body of water that’s too deep for them. They’ll start using a leaf as a boat, which is what you need to capture with your camera. Again, from the front, trying to fit as much of the cat as possible.

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