MHW Iceborne Gracium & Purecrystal Locations

Purecrystal and Gracium are two crafting materials in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. They’re native to the expansion’s new area, Hoarfrost Reach. You’ll need them for a bunch of gear upgrades, including weapons, armor and charms. If you’re struggling to amass the amounts you need, keep reading our MHW Iceborne Gracium & Purecrystal locations guide and we’ll tell you where to find more.

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mhw iceborne gracium purecrystal locations
MHW Iceborne Gracium & Purecrystal Locations

Where to find Purecrystal & Gracium?

Like all the other minerals, Purecrystal and Gracium are obtainable from mining outcrops. You’ll find these blue and red crystals all around the map, but there’s no guarantee what you’ll get when you loot them. It could be any of the multitude of minerals available in Hoarfrost Reach – the two described here, as well as Spiritvein Crystal, Eltalite Ore, Meldspar Ore or Dreamcore Ore. This means a lot of repetition will be involved. Here are the locations of all the mining outcrops:

mhw where to find gracium purecrystal

On the upper floor, you’ll find one in the southwest of zone 2, and another in the corridor connecting it to zone 4. If you continue north, you’ll find two more in zone 6. Head east, and there will be another three in zone 7 – one in the tunnel you enter through, and two in the northeast corner. Continue on to the lower floor, and there will be one outcrop waiting for you in the south of zone 8. The final three can be found along the walls of the main chamber of zone 11.

Since the loading times in this game are abysmal, you’re probably going to want to optimize your farming runs, to get as much materials in as little time. You might want to drop some of the locations from your route in order to save time. Try stuff out, see what works best for you – everyone has a different level of tolerance for this kind of grind.