MHW Iceborne Treasure in The Steam - Thermae Hot Springs Layered Armor

Thermae layered armor is one of the cosmetic outfits in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. A lot of people are calling it the hot springs layered armor, and with good reason. When wearing it, you’ll have only a towel wrapped around you and a rag on your head. In order to unlock it, you’ll have to complete the Treasure in the Steam quest. This requires you to deliver some hot spring stones which can be hard to find. If you’re stuck, our MHW Iceborne hot springs layered armor will help you complete the quest and get the Thermae armor.

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mhw iceborne hot springs layered armor
MHW Iceborne Treasure in The Steam – Thermae Hot Springs Layered Armor

How to get hot springs layered armor

To get the Thermae layered armor, you’ll first need two Thermae tickets. You’ll get these as rewards for completing the Treasure in The Steam quest. This optional quest starts by talking to the Smithy at some point after defeating Legiana, which is around the first MR4 quest. You’ll need to be at least MR13 for it to appear. The Smithy will have an exclamation mark above his head. The quest requires you to find two hot spring stones in Hoarfrost Reach and bring them to the camp.

Hot spring stone locations

This is a delivery quest, in which you’re required to bring two hot spring stones to the camp. This means grabbing them and lugging them around without taking damage. Also, forget about crawling through cramped spaces while you’re carrying the load. The stones can appear around any of the hot springs in Hoarfrost Reach, and they’ll be marked on the map with brown egg-shaped icon. You’ll have 50 minutes to complete the task, but it’ll also fail if you faint three times. Since you’re a lot slower while carrying the stones, the main challenge here will be avoiding aggressive monsters.

mhw iceborne treasure in the steam quest


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