MHW Iceborne Bathycite Ore Locations

Bathycite Ore is one of the new minerals in Monster Hunter World. It was added in the Iceborne DLC, but oddly enough, cannot be found in Hoarfrost Reach. This has left a lot of people confused, since almost all the new materials only appear in the frosty new area. If you’re wondering where to find Bathycite ore in MHW Iceborne, this guide will explain everything.

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mhw iceborne bathycite ore locations
MHW Iceborne Bathycite Ore Locations

Where to find Bathycite Ore?

Most people just assume they’ll find Bathycite Ore in Hoarfrost Reach, like all the other new minerals. However, that is not the case. It is a master rank ore, which means it only appears in the Iceborne expansion, and it does come from mining outcrops, but only in the Coral Highlands. This means you’ll have to travel back there and farm the region like you used to. You can find almost all of the master rank minerals there, including Bathycite Ore.

monster hunter world where to find dragonite ore

This is the best place for farming – areas 10 and 11. The camp is nearby and there are multiple resource nodes in close proximity. Just drop down, use your pickaxe until the land is bare, then return to the hub and repeat. You’ll end up with a bunch of materials you didn’t ask for, as well, like Eltalite Ore, Purecrystal and more. That’s the price of success, I guess. If the stockpiles bother you too much, you can always spend them as fuel for the Steamworks mini game. It’ll turn them into consumables or armor spheres, which is something you can always use.

If you’re looking for Bathycite Ore, you’re probably interested in crafting some new armor and weapons, or upgrading your existing ones. In that case, you’ll probably want to get a bunch of bones as well – stuff like Dragonvein Solidbone, Monster Slogbone, or Dragonbone Artifact.


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