Monster Hunter World PC Release Date Revealed

The launch date for the PC version of Monster Hunter World has finally been revealed. The game is coming to Steam next month; on August 9th, to be exact. It comes in the Standard Edition and the slightly more expensive Deluxe Edition. At launch, it won’t offer mod support or cross-platform multiplayer, unfortunately.

Monster Hunter World PC Release Date Revealed
Monster Hunter World PC Release Date Revealed

So, PC fans of Monster Hunter, the long wait is almost over. We now know the release date of Monster Hunter World for the PC. It’s coming out on August 9th via Steam, with free updates and Collaboration Quests coming after the game’s release. Capcom has also released a trailer for the PC version, which basically contains all of the highlights that the game has to offer, presumably to whet your appetite. The announcement post on the Capcom’s website also reveals the Recommended and Minimum system requirements, if you want to see if your rig can handle the game. There’s not that much wiggle room between the minimum and the recommended, interestingly.

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The Standard Edition of Monster Hunter World on the PC is going to cost you the standard $60. Pre-orders are already up, and if you pre-order, you’ll get two bonus items. These are a leveling armor set, and the Fair Wind Charm, which also helps you level up in the early game, and it gives off a neat glow on the left arm. There’s also the Deluxe Edition, for $70.48. This includes the base game and the Deluxe Kit DLC, which contains some armor sets, gestures, and cosmetic items. You can also buy the Deluxe Kit separately for $15.

In somewhat less exciting news, it appears that Monster Hunter World won’t offer any mod support; at least, not at launch, according to PC Gamer. When they asked producer Ryozo Tsujimoto about mods on Steam, he answered simply and non-committaly: “We don’t have anything to announce at this time.” Same goes for cross-platform multiplayer; there will be no support for that at launch. Oh, also, the game will have Denuvo DRM, so that’s kinda fun.

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