Monster Hunter World Phantom Bird Location - Where to find Downy Crake

Phantom Bird is a rare endemic life form in Monster Hunter World. It’s a tiny, fluffly, feathery creature called Downy Crake, and you’ll need to catch one in order to complete a research bounty for the Endemic Researcher. The quest-giver will help you out with a hint, but it’s still a tough one to find. That’s why we’ve decided to write this Monster Hunter World Phantom Bird location guide.

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monster hunter world phantom bird locations downy crake
Monster Hunter World Phantom Bird Location – Where to find Downy Crake

Where to find Phantom Bird in MHW?

The Phantom Bird lives in symbiosys with larger beasts – namely, the Apceros and Aptonoth. This means you can find it in the Ancient Forest and the Wildspire Waste. You’ll find the tiny birdies chilling in clusters on the big ones’ backs.

You’ll probably need to do this several times, as the birds don’t spawn every time. Teleport to sector 1 of either area, and look for the flocks of phantom birds on the larger monsters we’ve mentioned. If you can find none, teleport to sector 1 of the other area and look there. If you still have no luck, keep teleporting back and forth until you do.

Once you’ve discovered a group of the fluffly birds, put on a Ghillie Mantle. Approach them slowly and use your capture net to grab one. Aim at the middle of the cluster – you only have one shot, after which they’ll scatter to the four corners of the earth.



  1. P
    Patrick M

    It also has to be either dawn/sunrise or dusk/sunset for the Downy Crakes to have a chance to be there.

    1. N

      No that only is for the rainbow bugs, I found my birds at night

  2. D

    Caught mine way before I even knew there was a quest for it. Needles to say, they make you catch it again. ?

    1. D


  3. G

    I saw them in coral highlands on grandfather mantragel at night didnt catvh tho

  4. S

    Actually found mine during a mission in Wildspire. At first the group of 3 bulky herbivore monsters did not have it (near camp 1), but once I approached them from the side of the river, when they were just entering the water area, I heard the birds and caught 3 of them.

  5. J
    james dean

    Welp been going back and forth for a total of around 6 hours now and have not had them spawn once.

  6. H

    I am catching up on the criticals now and I complete almost everything but catching all the rare bugs and stuff so I am catching everything I see I know I didn’t catch yet but this phantom bird is getting irritating now it has not spawn anywhere.

  7. D

    Hey guys, tried ages and it never worked until I stood next to the aptonoth in Forest 1 with my BACK to them. 15 seconds and I heard chirping, and there the birdies were

  8. C
    Camron P Buxton

    Using Ghillie Mantle helps to keep them from flying away and allows you to get close to them apparently.

  9. A

    just a heads up: DO NOT TAKE A PICTURE OF THEM.

    I did it and they glitched of the back of the Apceros and disappeared.

    I’m not mad.

  10. S
    Spurwing Plover

    Just how they hide and where they come from who can tell

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