Monster Hunter World Pink Parexus Location

Pink Parexus is one of the many species of fish in Monster Hunter World. Aquatic life is usually peaceful, but it still plays a large role in the wider ecosystem. There’s a bounty early on, posted by the Piscine Researcher, that requires you to catch one of these pink fish. In this guide, we’re going to show you Monster Hunter World Pink Parexus locations, to help you finish the quest.

monster hunter world pink parexus capture bounty
Monster Hunter World Pink Parexus Location

Where to find pink parexus in MHW?

The pink parexus can be caught in the same pond where you meet the researcher. It’s in the Ancient Forest, in the northeastern corner of sector 1. When we first got the quest, we caught all the fish from the pond, and none of them was the right one. We then went on to look for it elsewhere, with no luck. We finally returned to the original pond after some time has passed and the fish had respawned, and cast the line a few more times. The first fish we caught was the pink parexus. Our advice would be to just be patient and stay at the researcher’s pond – when there’s no more fish, teleport away then return immediately, and the pond will be restocked.

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