Monster Hunter World Proving Event Unlocks Aloy's Armor & Bow

There’s a new limited-time event in Monster Hunter World. Called The Proving, this event unlocks a particular quest which will reward you with Aloy’s armor and bow. The crossover event is only available to Playstation users, which makes sense – after all, Horizon Zero Dawn is Sony’s darling. The quest is pretty difficult, and it will only be available for the next two weeks, so you better step up.

monster hunter world proving event aloy's armor bow
Monster Hunter World Proving Event Unlocks Aloy’s Armor & Bow

How to get Aloy’s Armor & Bow

The process is a bit more complicated than it should be. You’ll first have to go to the notice board and look for the quest under Events. It requires a hunter rank of 11, and the difficulty is six stars. It’s not going to be a cakewalk, this one. The quest will demand you hunt down a giant Anjanath – in case you don’t remember, that’s the first monster almost the entire playerbase had serious problems with. Good times.

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Once you’ve beaten the beast, you’ll receive a couple of weird items instead of the stuff you were hoping for. Since this is Monster Hunter World, you’ll have to craft your new armor and weapon – you’ll need the items you got from the quest, plus a handful of regular old crafting materials. Go to the smithy and they’ll allow you to create Aloy’s armor and Aloy’s bow.

The armor is a one-piece item – you can’t mix and match with other outfits. When you equip it, it will instantly turn you into Aloy, the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn. It works on both male and female characters, so if you’ve picked male and regretted it, this is your only chance to change gender. The bow is a lot less useful – it’s a bow like any other, a weapon whose value depends on the situation.

Keep in mind the event will end on March 15th, so try to get the stuff before it’s gone.

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