Pokemon GO Bulbasaur Community Day Event Announced

The next Community Day Event in Pokemon GO has been announced for March 25th. This time around, the featured Pokemon will be Bulbasaur. As before, during the event, you’ll earn three times the experience for catching Pokemon, lures will last for three hours, and unlock an exclusive move for Bulbasaur.

Pokemon GO Bulbasaur Community Event Announced
Pokemon GO Bulbasaur Community Event Announced

After the first Community Day event, which went over pretty well, Niantic has announced the next one on the Pokemon GO Twitter. It will take place on March 25th, between 11 AM and 2 PM Central European Daylight Time. This time around, the Pokemon in the center of attention will be Bulbasuar. Not as exciting as Dratini, I’ll admit, but good old Bulbasaur does deserve the love. Before we continue, I’d just like to rub in the overwhelming success of Team Mystic in the previous Community Day. Yes, I know I’m being petty.

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If you’ve missed out on what Community Day events are, let’s get you up to speed. Community Days are a new monthly event that Niantic has added to the game. It takes place over the course of a couple of hours. Every one of them will highlight one Pokemon while it lasts. In the previous, first one, the Pokemon was Dratini, for example. There are a couple of bonuses that you can make use of during the community day. First off, you can earn three times the EXP for catching Pokemon. Also, lures last for three hours, allowing you to sit comfortably and let the Pokemon come to you.

Last, but most certainly not the least, you’ll be able to unlock an exclusive move for the featured Pokemon. As we’ve mentioned, this time, it’ll be Bulbasaur. The exclusive move is a mystery for now, so you’ll have to participate in order to find out what it is.

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