Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro Limited Edition Bundle Announced

Fans of Monster Hunter will probably be very tempted with the limited edition Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro bundle. It includes the base version of Monster Hunter World, a PS4 Pro and controller with a special designs, and some voucher codes for in-game items.

Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro Limited Edition Bundle Announced
Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro Limited Edition Bundle Announced

Fans of the Monster Hunter franchise are slowly preparing for the launch of the newest games from the franchise. It’s a little over a week away, ant the excitement is palpable. So, Sony has decided to cash in on the hype, and announced a Monster Hunter Word PS4 Pro limited edition bundle. It’s going to launch on the same date as the game itself, on January 26th. According to Gamespot, the bundle’s price will be $450 or £380, and it will be a Gamestop exclusive in the United States.

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So, what do you get for your money? Well, you’ll get a pretty snazzy-looking PlayStation 4 Pro. It’s adorned with the image of Rathalos, the fire wyvern. The artwork is both gloss and matte, with some fire coming out of the dragon’s mouth. The front of the console features golden emblems. You also get a pretty bitchin’ dark-red controller. That’s the hardware part. You’ll also get a physical copy of Monster Hunter World standard edition. You’ll also get voucher codes for digital bonuses. Specifically, the Origin Armor Set, a Monster Hunter World dynamic theme, and the Fair Wind Charm Talisman.

So, is the bundle worth the money? Well, if you’re a hardcore Monster Hunter fan, I’m sure you’ll be all over this. Also, at this price, it’s slightly cheaper then getting a PS4 Pro and the game individually (depending on the retailer, of course). However, if you already own a PS4 Pro, or want the Deluxe or Collector’s edition of the game, you can probably give this one a pass. The final decision is yours, of course.

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