Night in the Woods Coming to Nintendo Switch in February

Night in the Woods, an award-winning story-heavy adventure game, is making its way to the Nintendo Switch at the beginning of February. Switch owners will be getting the Weird Autumn edition, which includes some extra content absent from the launch version of Night in the Woods.

Night in the Woods Coming to Nintendo Switch in February
Night in the Woods Coming to Nintendo Switch in February

The Nintendo Switch is continuing their mission to become the console haven of indie games. And, with Sony’s recent track record, they’ve all but achieved that goal. The newest indie port for the Switch will be the narrative-focused adventure game Night in the Woods. The port has been announced on the game’s Twitter account. The release date, according to the Night in the Woods Twitter, is February 1st. The price will be $19.99, which is confirmed on the Nintendo America website. The website lists the release date as January 18th, which is likely some kind of error.

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Night in the Woods is coming to the Switch as the Weird Autumn edition. It’s kinda like a director’s cut of the game. It contains a bunch of extra content that didn’t make the first cut of the game, including new mini-games and dream sequences. Also, you get the chance to play through the mini episodes that preceded the game’s launch. So, you’re basically getting the “full” version of the game right out of the gate.

If you aren’t familiar with the award-winning Night in the Woods, let’s get you up to speed real quick. The game centers on Mae, a college dropout that goes back home to the town of Possum Springs. The town isn’t doing too well since the mine closed, and people are having trouble keeping afloat. At its core, Night in the Woods is a touching story about becoming an adult and the stress of finding your place in the world. But then, also, something is lurking in the woods of Possum Springs.

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