MHW Safi'jiiva Armor - Adult Xeno'jiiva Black Dragon

Safi’jiiva is a monster that will be added to Monster Hunter World soon. You might know it as the black dragon from the trailers, or the adult Xeno’jiiva, or Jeff. The developers have added an introductory quest in which you can fight it for a limited time. You still can’t see the armor that can be crafted from this beast, but we’ve seen glimpses of it in various videos. Here’s what the Safi’jiiva armor looks like, which skills and set bonuses it has.

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mhw safijiiva armor adult xenojiiva
MHW Safi’jiiva Armor – Adult Xeno’jiiva Black Dragon

In the looks department, it’s a pretty standard dragon suit – scales, big pauldrons, a few horns here and there. Nothing spectacular, especially if you’re more into the silly kind of armor. The developers did mention its looks will change as you make use of the set bonuses and skills. When it comes to skills, the alpha version will give you Evade Window 4, Blight Resistance 3, Critical Boost 3 and Maximum Might 3. The beta version, on the other hand, gives you Evade Window 3, Blight Resistance 2 and Critical Boost 3, but as you’d expect, it comes with more gem slots. The set bonus is called Safi’jiiva Seal, and it has two levels – with three parts, you get Dragonvein Awakening. With five, you activate True Dragonvein Awakening. It makes you gradually lose health when you attack, but allows you to regain it by continuing to attack. Defense-wise, it’s good against fire, and OK against everything but dragon damage.

How to start adult Xeno’jiiva fight?

You can’t. At least not at this point. The siege itself will become available at a later date – more precisely, December 13th. The recon mission you can undertake now is only the quest intro, a sample fight with what seems like it isn’t even the Safi’jiiva’s final form. In short: be patient, it’ll come.

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