Monster Hunter World Thunderbug Locations - Shock Trap, Entomology Field Research

Thunderbugs are tiny creatures in Monster Hunter World. They’re stationary, and are mainly used as a crafting ingredient, so they aren’t much different from plants. You’ll need them in order to craft stuff like Shock Traps and Thunder Ammo, but also for entomology field research. Since they’re so tiny and easy to overlook, we’ve decided to write this Monster Hunter World Thunderbug locations.

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monster hunter world thunderbug location
Monster Hunter World Thunderbug Locations

Shock Trap Crafting ingredients

In order to create Shock Trap you’ll have to bu 2x Trap Tool from Provisions Stockpile in Astera for 200z and collect 10x Thunderbug.

Where to find Thunderbug in MHW?

There’s a bunch of Thunderbugs at the Ancient Forest. They’re usually stuck on branches above the paths you’ll walk – you’ll recognize them by their blue underglow. There are a couple in sector 15, and a couple more in sector 17. They may respawn after some times has passed, but they’ll certainly reappear each time you leave the area then return to it. You’ll need to sit through two loading screens, though, and those are not short.

These little critters might be available in other regions as well, but we’ve only noticed them here. If we find more in another corner of the world, we’ll surely update the guide with the freshest information. If you find some yourself, don’t be shy – share them in the comments section, so we can share it with Monster Hunter World community.

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