Monster Hunter World Mernos Locations - Where to Find Wingdrakes

Mernos’ are a type of beast in Monster Hunter World. They’re wingdrakes, a sort of flying animal similar to a pterodactyl. People hunt them for their meat and hide, but they’re also useful as a means of transport. You can hookshot a wingdrake, and it will take you somewhere. Naturally, everyone wants to know Monster Hunter World Mernos locations, for one reason or another.

monster hunter world mernos locations
Monster Hunter World Mernos Locations – Where to Find Wingdrakes

Mernos Locations in Ancient Forest

You can find a flock of Mernos in sector 5, east of the Northeast Camp. There are supposed to be three or four of them here, and you’ll need ranged weapons if you want to hunt them – they stay well above ground, and you can’t mount them from a vantage point.

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If you just want a ride, get below them and use the hookshot. They’re going to take you several floors up, to sector 15, high up in the boughs.

Wildspire Waste Mernos Locations

We haven’t yet found the Mernos’ hideout in the wastes. If you happen to know where they are, we’d be happy to hear about it. Either way, we’ll update the guide with the pertinent information as soon as we have it.

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