Monster Hunter World Title Update 5 Coming on October 1st

Monster Hunter World is getting yet another free update on October 1st. If you’re counting, it’s title update 5 – not that it makes a difference either way. It’s going to bring new monsters, a whole slew of layered armors and even a few regular ones, as well as a new festival. It’s the last major update the game will be getting, so you’ll probably want to check it out.

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mhw title update 5
Monster Hunter World Title Update 5 Coming on October 1st

The biggest thing, of course, is the new elder dragon. It’s Fatalis, the nasty from way back when, the one that reportedly destroyed a castle and everything in it in one night. Of course, you’ll be able to skin it and get a fancy new armor set crafted from its private parts. While we’re on the subject of elder dragons, Velkhana is getting the Arch-Tempered treatment this time, so make sure you prepare those ice-resistant digs. Once you’ve beaten it a couple of times, you’ll be able to craft a new Velkhana set.

There’s also going to be a collaboration quest with Universal Studios Japan. I’m not going to pretend I get the reference, but we’ll get a bunch of oriental-themed armor, weapons and even a pendant from it.

Since Halloween is nearing, the new update will also mark the start of the Fun Fright Fest, which will allow you to eat ectoplasm, dress up as Dracula or a succubus, and put a Frankenstein’s monster head onto your Palico.

To top it off, there’s some new cosmetic items, including a Kadachi scarf that looks like something being sold on Etsy, and a Buff Body layered armor, which is simply majestic. You can see it all in this short and sweet trailer the developers have released, or you can wait a few days and see it all in the game once the update launches.

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