Monster Hunter World - What is Weapon Affinity and How it Works

Monster Hunter World weapon affinity is an important stat in the game. It’s a part of the complex interplay between armor, armor skills, and weapons in Monster Hunter World. Weapons can have a negative, neutral, or positive affinity stat. However, even if it’s below zero affinity, the weapon is not necessarily junk. So, let’s see what weapon affinity is in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World - What is Weapon Affinity and How it Works
Monster Hunter World – What is Weapon Affinity and How it Works

Weapon Affinity in Monster Hunter World – What is it?

Monster Hunter World weapon affinity is an important stat that affects how efficient your weapon is. The higher your affinity is, the more extra damage you’ll be dishing out, including critical hits. This ties into the mechanics of Monster Hunter World, where you boost your character by boosting the gear that you own. Of course, playing around with different armors and their bonuses and the weapon you wield can yield different results.

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To check your current weapon’s Affinity stat, go into your equipment menu, and select your weapon. On the menu that opens on the right, you’ll see the Affinity stat below Attack and Sharpness (as depicted above). Now, a weapon can have positive, negative, or neutral. Negative-affinity weapons immediately seem like something you want to get rid off asap, but that’s not necessarily the case.

How to Increase Weapon Affinity in Monster Hunter World?

Increasing weapon affinity is done through equipping armor with different skills. Several armor skills can boost your weapon’s affinity, so you might even consider keeping that negative-affinity weapon if it plays well with your armor. It’s a complex system that you can’t really game that easily. You’ll have to experiment with different armor and weapon combinations and skill levels to find the one that suits you best. The armor skills that affect Weapon Affinity are Attack Boost (raises affinity at higher levels, as well as attack power), Critical Eye (boosts affinity straight-up), Affinity Sliding (increases affinity for a short while when you slide), and Critical Draw (bossts the chance of draw attacks landing critical hits).

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