Secret Fatalities Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X Secret Fatalities or Hidden Fatalities are finishers which button combinations are hidden in the move list. There are 26 Secret Fatalities in MKX.
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Once you perform the required button combination it will unlock the fatality permanently. All Hidden Fatalities can be also bought from the Krypt. In the list below you can check out all hidden fatalities and their button combinations for PS4 and (XboX).

All Secret Fatalities

Cassie Cage Fatality – Bubble Head (Mid) – Forward, down, back, forward, Square / (X)
D’Vorah Fatality – Bug Me (Mid) – Back, forward, back, X / (A)
Ermac Fatality – Inner Workings (Mid) – Down, up, back
Erron Black Fatality – Sand Storm (Mid) – Down, back, forward, down, Square/X
Ferra/Torr Fatality – Better Than One (Close) – Forward, back, forward, back, X / (A)
Jacqui Briggs Fatality Blown Out (Close) – Back, forward, back, forward, Triangle / (Y)
Jax Fatality- T-Wrecks (Close) – forward, back, down, triangle (Y)
Johnny Cage Fatality – Here’s Johnny (Close) – Back, forward, back, forward, Square / (X)
Johnny Cage – Little Improv (Mid) – Forward, back, forward, forward
Kano Fatality – Head Case (Close) – Down, forward, down, back, X / (A)
Kenshi Fatality – Tele-Copter (Far) – back, forward, back, back
Kitana Fatality – Dark Fan-Tasy (Mid) – Down, forward, back, forward, Triangle/ (Y)
Kotal Kahn Fatality – Be Mine! (Close) – Down, back, forward, Square / (X)
Kotal Kahn – Tight Squeeze (Close) – Forward, back, forward, back, Triangle / (Y)
Kung Jin Fatality – Target Practice (Close) – Down, forward, down, back, Triangle / (Y)
Kung Lao Fatality- Face Grind (Close) – Down, back, down, forward, Circle / (B)
Liu Kang Fatality – Sore Throat (Close) – Down, down, back, forward, forward
Mileena Fatality – Face Feast (Close) – down, back down, back, X / (A)
Quan Chi Fatality – Mind Game (Far) – Forward, back, forward, back, Circle / (B)
Raiden Fatality – Bug Eyes (Close) – Forward, back, forward, Square / (X)
Reptile Fatality – Bad Breath (Close) – Down, forward, down, forward, Circle / (B)
Scorpion Fatality – Stop Ahead (Mid) – Down, back, forward, Triangle / (Y)
Scorpion – Who’s Next! (Mid) – Down, back, forward, up
Sonya Blade Fatality – Target Marked (Close) – Down, down, back, forward, R2 / (RT)
Sub-Zero Fatality – Chest Kold (Close) – Back, forward, down, back, Circle / (B)
Takeda Fatality – Whip It Good (Mid) – Down, forward, down, back, Triangle / (Y)

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  1. E

    I tried like 5 different ones for my 360 and they didn’t work I tried several times in the appropriate area

    1. B

      You are probably playing on Xbox 360 and playing MK 9 because these fatalities are for MK XL.

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