Terrifying Encounter Trophy / Achievement | Mortal Kombat X

Terrifying Encounter is a trophy/achievement in Mortal Kombat X. In order to unlock it, you’ll need to visit the Krypt and get attacked by an animal.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you how to enter the Krypt and unlock the Terrifying Encounter trophy / achievement.

mortal kombat x terrifying encounter trophy/achievement

How To Unlock Terrifying Encounter Trophy / Achievement

To get this trophy, you need to confront a beast within the Krypt. They sometimes appear randomly, but most of them are in set places. When they attack you, you’ll defend yourself during a Quick Time Event. If you press a button at the right time, all will be well.

From the main menu, select the option to enter the Krypt. When you spawn, you’ll be in first person mode. Open the gate and enter the area. You’ll see two torches on your right. Approach them. When you’re close enough, you’ll see a tunnel filled with cobwebs between them. Once you’re right in front of them, a wolf will jump at you. Press the appropriate button to fend him off, and enjoy your new trophy/achievement.

Here’s a video of the encounter: